GOLEM                    Wurf E    2012           22.10.2012

Litter by Kuhaylans Oz-Cuba Libre-W [Deu]
out of Annie Ivelbero's Darling [Cz]

Three Generation Pedigree

Photo of NZ Ch Kerrybrent Midnite Soul [NZ] NZ Ch Kerrybrent Midnite Soul [NZ]
Black & White, born 25 May 1997, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
/ -
Photo of Lux Youth Ch Ned Ch Kerrybrent Nz Midnite Solo [NZ] Lux Youth Ch Ned Ch Kerrybrent Nz Midnite Solo [NZ]
Black & White, born 4 Mar 2006, hips HD-B, TNS normal
- / \
Photo of NZ Ch Dornbrae Havn A Blond Moment [NZ] NZ Ch Dornbrae Havn A Blond Moment [NZ]
Golden Red & White, born 7 Feb 2004, hips AVA-0/2, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
/ -
Photo of Kuhaylans Oz-Cuba Libre-W [Deu] Kuhaylans Oz-Cuba Libre-W [Deu]
Black & White, born 21 Sep 2008, hips HD-A/A, CEA normal
- \ /
Photo of Aust Grand Ch Danbeth Fullstop [Aust] Aust Grand Ch Danbeth Fullstop [Aust]
Black & White, born 20 May 1996, hips AVA-4/5, CEA normal, CL normal
\ -
Photo of Am Deu Ch Wildblue Infinity [Am] Am Deu Ch Wildblue Infinity [Am]
Black & White, born 17 Jan 2002, hips HD-A, CEA normal, TNS normal
- / \
Photo of Aust Ch Rhonabwy Secret Whispers JD ADX [Aust] Aust Ch Rhonabwy Secret Whispers JD ADX [Aust]
Black & White, born 10 Apr 1996, hips AVA-4/2, elbows 0/0, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
Puppy from this litter
- \ /
Photo of Ted From Scottish Roy Vom Beutenhof [Deu] Ted From Scottish Roy Vom Beutenhof [Deu]
Chocolate Tricolour, born 7 Apr 2000, hips DKK-0/0, CEA carrier
/ -
Photo of Vigour Bohemia Alke [Cz] Vigour Bohemia Alke [Cz]
Chocolate Tricolour, born 7 May 2006, hips DKK-0/0, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
- / \
Photo of Liz Bohemia Alke [Cz] Liz Bohemia Alke [Cz]
Black Tricolour, born 10 Jan 2003, hips DKK-0/0
\ -
Photo of Annie Ivelbero's Darling [Cz] Annie Ivelbero's Darling [Cz]
Black Tricolour, born 23 Dec 2008, hips HD-A/A
- \ /
Photo of Multi Ch Terminator Vom Kuschelmuschel [Deu] Multi Ch Terminator Vom Kuschelmuschel [Deu]
Black & White, born 17 May 1999, hips HD-A, CEA normal
\ -
Attract Kessi Luver [Cz]
Black Tricolour, born 21 Feb 2006, hips DKK-0/0
Alisa Exciter [Cz]
Black & White, born 8 Nov 2002, hips DKK-2/1
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